SIP 26 Communications provides business class office support in Northern California and Southern Utah.

We deploy a stable, safe communications environment for worldwide telecommunications and computer related issues.

Business class phone systems include HD Voice* technology, click to call, and voicemail to email. Follow me and auto-attendant, plus dozens of other services are provided with no additional charge.

Rates are usually 40 to 60 percent lower than traditional telephone pricing. Up to 500 extensions are available to every company at no additional charge. At metered rates of .02 cents/minute, this usually comes to an average of $15 per month per extension.

Phone numbers are only $2 per month, so direct dial is easy and affordable.

We also provide ethernet, fiber and fixed wireless networking solutions for local and wide area networking projects.

Computers, printers and all other electronics nodes such as POS (point of sale) devices, DVR (video monitoring), routers, switches and modems are all managed and monitored 24/7.

The idea is to keep your business technology running at it’s best all the time. For this reason, you can expect daily status checks and nightly backups and updates.

Is virus protection up to date? Have the latest firmware, software and security patches been installed and implemented? Is Microsoft’s latest release stable enough for your environment? Or would it be better to wait?

The primary goal of SIP 26 Communications and to make sure all electronic and communications devices are running at their best and safest. We monitor cloud backup and storage capacity, email spoofing and ransomware vulnerabilities.

Always be pro-active, is our primary goal. Be one step ahead of tomorrows problems and today will always be great.

That means anticipating what can go wrong and having countermeasures in place to make them go right. We don’t want the worst to happen, but here at SIP 26, we are always prepared for it.

In a world where everything can go wrong very quickly, we are here in your corner, to make sure everything always goes right.

Give us a chance and you will see how a responsive, cost effective, forward thinking IT consulting and support company can make life better, easier, and more worry free than ever before.

We think, and therefore we are. The best communications company bar none.

I’m certain of it and so are the dozens of clients who work with us. Lucas Ranch, the Drier Foundation, Clayton Williams, Matrix Oil…

Some of the best companies in the world look to SIP 26 Communications for their computing, networking and video surveillance needs. Why not you?